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Use of Laptops in Journalism and Ready Writing

Regarding laptops...

Rules governing contestant laptop computer use in the News, Feature, Editorial and Ready Writing contests

  • Contestants may choose to use their own laptop computers in the Ready Writing, News, Feature or Editorial Writing contests.
  • Contestants must also bring a portable printer, paper, software and other necessary accessories such as extension cords.
  • Computer spell-check, thesaurus and Associated Press stylebook programs may be used if available.
  • Typed entries should be single-sided and double-spaced, using any standard 12-point font and 1-inch margins on regular 8 1/2 x 11-inch white paper.
  • The print command must be entered prior to the time the contest time expires.
  • Once time has expired, participants and coaches shall not disconnect or connect computer equipment or enter new commands in an effort to print.
  • Contestants accept all risks associated with use of computers. In the event of a computer malfunction, contestants may use remaining time to compose their entry by hand or on another computer (if available). However, time limits remain in effect.
  • Districts and regions may decide to provide computers for contestants but are not expected to make those provisions. Students accept all risks associated with the provided computers. Students may choose to handwrite their entries or may use their own laptop and portable printer. Computers will not be provided at the State Meet, but contestants may use their own laptop computers and portable printers.

Please see the individual contest rules governing the use of computers and/or printers in Computer Applications and Computer Science.