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Waiver Review Board & Appeals

The Waiver Review Board consists of twelve persons, whose terms begin on July 1, four appointed members and six elected members from each of the six conferences.  Each elected member serves a four-year term.

Appeals are heard before the Waiver Review Board monthly.

The applicant, the parent or guardian of the applicant, or any superintendent may request an appeal of the Four-Year or Parent Residence Rule.  Foreign Exchange decisions cannot be appealed.

How to appeal:

  1. Return the “Waiver Appeal Request” to the UIL.  This document may be downloaded on the Waiver Forms page and is included along with the denial letter sent to the applicant.
  2. The appellant will be notified of an appeal date and time to appear before the Waiver Review Board.
  3. The Waiver Review Board will make a decision at the conclusion of the hearing.  Appellant will get a decision at the conclusion of the hearing and the principal & the chair of the DEC will promptly be notified via email.  A hard copy will be mailed to the principal, district chair, superintendent, and applicant.

The appeal stage is the final stage in the waiver process.