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Waiver Office - Contact Information

Questions to the waiver department should go through a school administrator or PAPF coordinator. If the waiver was submitted via the portal, the coach should be able to check the UIL portal to make sure the completed waiver application has been submitted. The DEC must rule on the PAPF prior to the school submitting the waiver.  Once the DEC Chairperson has signed the PAPF, the coordinator will need to log into the portal to submit the waiver to the UIL. At all times, the status of the waiver is listed in the portal under ‘Waiver Status’. The waiver has been submitted to the waiver office if the status is listed as "UIL Reviewing."

If the waiver wasn’t submitted through the portal, all communication with the coach is sent via email.

Common reasons for a delayed decision:

  1. The waiver has not been submitted by the school. 

    • The school administrator or PAPF coordinator should be able to check the UIL portal to see if the waiver has been submitted. The waiver officer cannot see the waiver in the portal until the school has submitted it. If the status indicates “Coordinator Reviewing,” the application has not been submitted to the UIL.

  2. The waiver has been submitted, but it is not complete. 

    • The school administrator or PAPF coordinator should be able to check the UIL portal to see if all required documents have been uploaded and submitted. You can find the required documents here: 

    • You can find the required documents here and check with the coach and/or athletic director listed on the application as an email was sent with the incomplete document(s).

The Decision:

Please keep in mind that by applying for a waiver, you are asking for an exception to a rule that most other students must be in compliance with. Therefore, the situation for the student must be involuntary and/or unavoidable. Generally, if there is a choice, such as moving to a smaller school or school with different academic programs, then that is not considered to be involuntary and/or unavoidable. You can read more about the process here:

Waiver Denial: If the waiver application has been denied, you may appeal the decision: Appeal Letter

When the UIL has received a completed appeal request, UIL will contact you acknowledging receipt of the appeal request. UIL will then place your case on the agenda of the Waiver Review Board and notify you of the date and time when one is set. Generally, there is a 3 to 5-week wait for an appeal hearing. Students are placed on the Waiver Review Board hearing in the order the appeal was received based on the sport they play. In-season athletes are given priority placement over off-season athletes. 

Questions for the waiver office:

Parents and Coaches: If you have spoken with your school administrator and/or the PAPF coordinator, and still have a question, then you can email your question to UIL Policy Director, Kevin Jones, Ed.D. 

Athletic Directors and administrators can contact the waiver office directly with questions.