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Organizing DEC Chairs

First, thank you for serving as the organizing chair. The work of our local district executive committees is critical to the success of UIL. We appreciate your efforts to get the new alignment organized.

At the conclusion of the DEC meetings, the elected chairs will need to complete the district chair confirmation form located on the UIL website or accessed through the District Confirmation Form

UIL DEC Organizing Meeting Checklist 2024-2026


  • First Meeting Agenda and Chair Notes
  • Election of Chair
  • Submit District Chair Confirmation form on UIL website notifying UIL of selection
  • Review and sign memo of understanding Word
  • Review of C&CR Sections 21, 28, 29, 1203 and DEC Handbook
  • Discuss financial reporting requirements and DEC fiscal agent - Section 28(n)
    • Any new amendments to the C&CR will be posted after the UIL council meeting and will go into effect in August
  • Establish district fees for participation
  • Establish ticket prices for athletic contests and establish passes that will be accepted
  • Discuss process for reviewing/approving Previous Athletic Participation Forms (PAPF)
  • Establish athletic district schedules for each applicable sport
  • Discuss Academic spring meet contest, debate, and one act play contests
  • Establish district guidelines for each sport:
    • Establish game administrator responsibilities
    • Establish process for determining district postseason representatives
    • Establish tie breaker procedures for each sport
    • Discuss process for forfeits, postponed games, cancelled games, and games interrupted/shortened by weather
    • Establish lightning procedure
    • Discuss all-district meeting selection process/protocol

Optional discussion items:

  • Academic spring meet contest, debate and one-act play contests
  • Individual sports
  • Other sport schedules
  • Future meeting dates