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Theatre Resources & Forms

Materials & Forms for Play Directors

JUNIOR HIGH / A+ One-Act Play

High School One-Act Play 
High School One-Act Play BI-DISTRICT
High School One-Act Play AREA
High School One-Act Play
High School One-Act Play STATE

FILM Contest

ONLINE Entry System

Materials & Forms for Contest Managers and Meet Officials


For High School ZONE and DISTRICT Meets ONLY 
For High School BI-DISTRICT Meets ONLY
For High School AREA Meets ONLY
For High School REGIONAL Meets ONLY

YOU MUST also enter results in the UIL ONLINE ENTRY system

Online TEACHING Resources

EDUCATIONAL Theatre Association- Resources for Creating Online Learning 

KENNEDY CENTER Theatre Resources 

CONTEMPORARY PLAYWRIGHTS of Color NYU Steinhardt School Educational Theatre


One-Act Play THEATRE Resources​

UNDERSTANDING COPYRIGHT Dr. James Weaver, National Federation of State High School Associations

Understanding Copyright and Compliance COURSE - NFHS (Free)


The DOWNLOAD DILEMMA: Educational Fair Use in the Digital Age Dramatists Guild Webinar Recording

MUSIC / SOUND / PHOTO Resources - Courtesy of Jill Bradley - Redwater ISD

MUSIC LICENSING Information - Tresona​​


Plan for the Official Rehearsal and Contest Day- Jessica Brewster and Amy Jordan 

STAGE COMBAT Safety Resources

Theatre SAFETY COURSE- NFHS and EdTA (free)

SAFETY IN THE SCENE SHOP for School Theatre Programs (on pages 26-27)

SLAP MAP - Stage Combat Specialist Resource page 

One-Act Play

PDF version

One-ACt Play Festivals

DEADLINES 2023-2024

For High School Play Directors

Oct 1  
Deadline to enroll your high school campus for OAP participation via the UIL Online Entry System

Nov 4
Deadline to hold director's planning meeting

Nov 17
Last day for double representation notification to the League. This only applies when one school plans to compete with two plays--which is only an option when less than three schools are entered in the district contest.

Dec 10
Deadline for requesting permission to produce plays not on the approved lists and scenic elements that are are not permissible under contest rules and are “without which the approved play cannot be produced.”

Feb 10
Deadline for registering your play title in the UIL Online Entry System

At least TEN calendar days before your first contest
Deadline for Contestant Entry, play and set information and additional directors to be entered via the UIL Online Entry System

Note: Some Contest Directors set a contestant entry deadline earlier than the ten calendar days.

DEADLINES 2023-2024

For Contest Managers & Meet Officials

Aug 10
First day to contact a single adjudicator or the first member of a panel for District or Zone contests

Aug 10
First day to draw performance order

Aug 31
Deadline to report bi-district information and adjudicators to state office

Nov 4
Deadline to hold director's planning meeting

Nov 4
First day to contact and contract the second and third members of a panel for zone and district contests

Feb 1
Deadline to set up district One-Act Play Meets in the Online Entry System

Feb 1
Deadline for executing judging contracts

Feb 1
Deadline for Contest Managers to certify online--This must be done annually

Apr 4
Deadline for certifying the results for district and bi-district contests