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Handbooks & Manuals for Academic Contests


The UIL publishes manuals and handbooks as free downloads to provide guidelines for each UIL academic contest. Handbooks are intended for contestants, coaches and contest directors. All participants should be familiar with the contents. Most are updated every year or substantially revised every few years as needed.

Speech & Debate

2023-2024 New Coach Manual (print version)
2023-2024 New Coach Manual (interactive version)
2023-2024 Congress Handbook (print version) 12/21 update
2023-2024 Congress Handbook (interactive version) 12/21 update
2023-2024 CX Debate Handbook (print version)
2023-2024 Informative & Persuasive Speaking Handbook (print version)
2023-2024 Lincoln-Douglas Debate Handbook (print version)
2023-2024 Lincoln-Douglas Debate Handbook (interactive version)
2023-2024 Prose & Poetry Handbook (print version)

A+ Academics

   If you are your campus  coordinator in grades 2-8 and have not yet registered,   
   please do so here. This is an annual submission. A link to the handbook will be sent to you after           your registration is confirmed.


Manuals for High School

2023-2024 Academic Coordinator's Manual

2023-24 District Academic Meet Director's Manual 

2023-2024 Regional Academic Meet Director's Manual

District Entries in Team Events - Six Entry Option Clarification  Updated 9/2023

High School Academics

If you are your campus high school academic coordinator and have not yet registered, please do so here. This is an annual submission.