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Texas State Solo-Ensemble Contest

Texas State Solo-Ensemble Contest

The 2024 Outstanding Performers have been posted. Medals will be mailed to the address on the directors account that registered the student. 

Dates & Sites

The 2024 state solo and ensemble contest will be held May 25 (Day 1) & May 27 (Day 2) at multiple sites in the Austin area.

5A/6A Woodwinds, Brass, Twirling: Connally HS, PfISD (NEW SITE FOR THESE EVENTS)
5A/6A Percussion: Pflugerville HS, PfISD (NEW SITE FOR THESE EVENTS)
5A/6A Strings, Guitar, Piano: UT Austin Butler School of Music
5A/6A Voice: Weiss HS, PfISD
1A/2A/3A/4A Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion: Hendrickson HS, PfISD
1A/2A/3A/4A Voice, Strings, Piano, Twirling: Kelly Lane MS, PfISD

Music Theory: The music theory test will be given virtually by each sponsor between May 2 and May 10. More information will be distributed in late April. 

*Do not plan for an accompanist to be shared between multiple sites on the same half day. 

April 1 at 6:00 AM (Monday) through April 15 (Monday): Registration open for state-qualifying solos & small ensembles. See below.

April 16 through May 1: Late registration open for state-qualifying solos & small ensembles. Additional fees apply. See below. No entries will be accepted after May 1.

April 22: Master schedule released.

May 13: Last day to update ensemble members, update music performed, and cancel entries (DNAs). See below.

Guidelines for Assigning Accompanists

Please review the guidelines for assigning accompanists, as following these steps is essential to creating a functional contest schedule. 

Registration & Deadlines

Registration will be open from April 1 at 6:00 AM through April 15 at:  Account holders will sign in using their director login, then click on “TSSEC Enter Students” on the lower left side of the page and follow the instructions. Do not use Safari, as the system does not function correctly using this browser. We recommend using either Firefox or Google Chrome. 

Add-on and Late Registration Deadline: May 1.  Entries submitted by a school's music program - band, choir, or orchestra - that did submit some entries prior to April 16 are defined as add-ons. Add-ons should constitute no more than ten percent of the total number of entries for a band, choir, or orchestra program. Entries submitted by a school's music program - band, choir, or orchestra - that did not submit any entries prior to April 18 are defined as late.   There is no guarantee that add-ons or late entries will be scheduled.

Cancellations (DNAs), Ensemble Member Updates and Changes to Music Performed: Updates to this information can be made by the account holder in the system through May 13.


Fees for On-time Entries: $20 per solo and $10 per ensemble member. 

Fees for Add-on Entries: $20 per solo and $10 per ensemble member plus $10 per event.

Fees for Late Entries: $20 per solo and $10 per ensemble member plus $20 per event. 

License Fee: Each school music program - band, choir, orchestra - is required to pay a $30 license fee when registering students for TSSEC.  This license fee is assessed by the contracted vendor that provides the online registration and scheduling system.

Invoice: Instructions on how to pay fees will be on the invoice. All fees are due upon submitting entries and credits are not issued if entries are cancelled, even if done so prior to the entry deadline. Account holders will be able to print their invoice at any time.

Authorized UIL Merchandise

For contest rules please visit the C&CR:
TSSEC Constitution & Contest Rules.