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Subchapter B: MUSIC (1113)

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Unless otherwise specified performance regulations listed in Section 1108 shall apply to the Texas State Solo-Ensemble Contest.
Each solo and ensemble receiving a Division I rating on a Class 1 selection at a UIL region solo or small ensemble contest during the current school year is eligible to participate in TSSEC provided that all solos (both instrumental and vocal) were certified as being performed by memory at the region contest. Exception: A Class 1 solo specified as being exempt from the memory requirement as listed in the Prescribed Music List (on the UIL website).
Music performed at the Texas State Solo-Ensemble Contest may be different from the selection performed at the region contest, provided the selection performed is chosen from the Class 1 Prescribed Music List (on the UIL website) for the same event.
All solos (instrumental and vocal) shall be performed by memory. Exception: Music may be used for Class 1 solos specified as being exempt from the memory requirement in the Prescribed Music List (on the UIL website).
Participants in the Texas State Solo-Ensemble Contest will be responsible for providing all instruments and equipment (including music stands).
The Music Theory Contest is open to any student in grades 9 through 12, provided the student has been certified by the school principal (or designee) and the music director.

(1) Entry. All entries shall be submitted electronically by UIL member schools using the links available on the UIL website.

(2) Deadline. Entries for TSSEC shall be submitted by the deadline set forth on the UIL calendar.

(3) Entry Fees. Entry fees are non-refundable.

(4) Late Entries. Entries submitted after the deadline set forth on the UIL calendar will be placed on a waiting list in the order they are received and will be scheduled only if performance times are available. A late entry fee will apply.

(5) Additional Entries After Deadline. Entries inadvertently omitted may be submitted after the deadline under the following provisions:

(A) An initial entry shall be on file by the deadline.

(B) Pending approval by the State Director of Music additional entries may be submitted up until a date to be determined by the UIL Office.


(1) Same Day. All entries from a school will be scheduled to perform on the same day.

(2) Scheduling Request. Request for performance times on a specific day may be submitted. Requests for a specific part of the day cannot be made. After an entry is submitted, changes cannot be made in the day selected for entries unless performance times are available.

(3) Contest Schedule. Contest schedules will be available on the UIL website on or about May 1. Each director will be responsible for notifying students of their scheduled day, time and location.


(1) Solo and Ensemble. Division I Solo - Gold medal; Division II Solo - Silver medal; Division I Ensemble - Bronze medal.

(2) Outstanding Performer. The Outstanding Performer Award represents the attainment by an individual of superior musicianship as demonstrated in the exacting competition of the Texas State Solo-Ensemble Contest. These awards will be mailed after the contest.