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Contest Rules: ATHLETICS

Download 2024-25 Athletics Contest Rules

Table of Contents

Section 1200-1203

Section 1200: Purpose of High School Athletics
Section 1201: Athletic Codes
Section 1202: Employment of Coaches
Section 1203: Duties of Athletic District Executive Committee

Section 1204: Officials

Sections 1205-1210

Section 1205: Athletic Eligibility
Section 1206: School Practice and Game Restrictions
Section 1207: Rules, Violations and Penalties
Section 1208: Athletic Regulations
Section 1209: Non-School Participation
Section 1210: Anabolic Steroid Testing

Section 1220: Baseball Plan

Section 1230: Basketball Plan

Section 1240: Cross Country Plan

Section 1250: Football Plan

Section 1260: Golf Plan

Section 1270: Soccer Plan

Section 1280: Girls’ Softball Plan

Section 1290: Swimming Plan

Section 1300: Tennis Plan

Section 1310: Team Tennis Plan

Section 1320: Track and Field Plan

Section 1330: Girls’ Volleyball Plan

Section 1340: Water Polo

Section 1350: Wrestling Plan