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Subchapter O



Subchapter O. Awards

(a) LIMIT.

(1) Awards Schools May Give. A member school or member school district may give one major award not to exceed $70 in value to a student during that student’s high school enrollment at the same school for participation in UIL interschool competition(s) listed in Section 380. Each year a member school or member school district may give one additional award per student per interschool activity listed in Section 380, not to exceed $20 each. Schools may give a student the $20 minor award for an activity during the same school year the $70 major award is given for that activity. A school may contribute to major awards in honor of winning a UIL State Championship event.

(2) Awards Students May Receive. A student may not accept from any source other than the school attended or the school district, any award in money, product or service for competing in an interschool contest except as follows.

(A) A certificate, medal, trophy, ring, or other symbolic award for participating in any UIL activity which counts on UIL standing, if it is given:

(i) by the school, or school district in accordance to the limitations in Section 480 (a)(1);

(ii) the District Executive Committee or the entity that organized the competition (i.e., the regional director or zone director;

(iii) the UIL or one of the professional, education organizations sanctioned by the UIL; or

(iv) an outside source approved by the school or school district.

(B) A medal, trophy, patch or other symbolic award for participating in an invitational athletic contest which does not count on UIL standing, in an activity which the UIL sponsors as listed in Section 380, if it is given by the organization conducting the contest or competition (Sports which are not sanctioned by the UIL, such as bowling, motorcycle racing or rodeo do not come under this rule).

(C) Unlimited awards for participating in an invitational academic or fine arts contest which does not count on UIL standing, whether or not it is an activity which the UIL sponsors.

(D) Educational trips sponsored by the school.

(E) Scholarships for college or university enrollment if awarded at or after graduation from high school.

(3) Awards Students May Receive for Intraschool Competition. A student may accept unlimited awards for participating in intraschool competition.

(b) LEAGUE STANDING DEFINED. For purposes of this rule, “counts on UIL standing” means any contest that causes an individual or team to advance toward a UIL district, bi-district, area, zone, regional or state championship.

(c) AMATEUR STATUS. Refer to Section 441 for rules governing amateur athletic status.

(d) INDIRECT AWARD. An award given to a second party to be held for later delivery to the student is considered received by the student when the award is given to the second party. This conduct is a violation by the member school or school district.

Individuals who coach, direct or sponsor UIL activities in grades 9-12 may be suspended if:

(a) they accept more than $500 in money, product or service from any source, over and above the stipend paid by the school district, in recognition of or appreciation for coaching, directing or sponsorship of UIL activities. (Refer to Section 1202). The $500 limit is cumulative for a calendar year and is not specific to any one particular gift;

(b) they accept money, product or service for entering their student(s) in a contest or other activity;

(c) this section includes, but is not limited to, money, gifts, use of automobiles, insurance, club privileges and any funds tendered by booster clubs for other services; and

(d) it is a violation if coaches and/or their attorney(s) accept money or other valuable consideration for payment of legal expenses incurred to file suit or take other legal action against a school, school district or the UIL.


(1) Scholarships. A sponsor or coach may accept from any source in any amount a postsecondary institution scholarship.

(2) Retirement. Upon retirement from the profession, sponsors or coaches may accept money or other valuable consideration in any amount from any source.

(3) Annual UIL Award for Excellence. A sponsor or coach may accept the Annual UIL Award for Excellence sanctioned by the UIL.