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Subchapter G





(a) When it is necessary for a District Executive Committee, the Waiver Review Board, Sports Officials Committee or the State Executive Committee to make a determination with regard to the applicability of UIL rules to persons within the jurisdiction of the UIL, including eligibility cases or alleged violations of UIL rules, the applicable committee shall have the option of making a decision on the matter based upon written submissions or convening an informal meeting or hearing to discuss the matter in an effort to achieve an equitable resolution. Cases involving school district personnel shall be heard by the State Executive Committee pursuant to the rules adopted by the State Executive Committee.

(b) If a decision is made to hold an informal meeting or hearing, the interested parties should be given written notice of the meeting and invited to attend. All decisions by committees shall be in writing, whether based upon a written submission or testimony at an informal meeting.

(c) While all parties appearing before a District Executive Committee, Sports Officials Committee, Waiver Review Board or State Executive Committee may be represented by legal counsel should they so desire, an attorney’s role is limited to providing advice to their client(s) during the course of the hearing; requesting that the committee or hearing panel pose certain questions or lines of inquiry to another party or witnesses and to making opening and closing statements on behalf of their client(s). All questioning of parties or other witnesses shall be conducted by members of the committee or board holding the hearing. Neither counsel, nor any party or witness, is permitted to question or cross-examine a witness or to make objections while a witness is testifying.

Section 150: APPEALS

(a) APPEALS TO THE STATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Decisions by a District Executive Committee to disqualify a school or to issue a reprimand to school district personnel, or decisions involving alleged discrimination under the provisions of Section 360 or cases involving student eligibility may be appealed to the State Executive Committee which shall have the discretion to either accept or decline the appeal. If an appeal is accepted by the State Executive Committee, it shall have the option to render a decision in the matter based upon either a written submission or an informal meeting wherein interested parties are invited to appear and present testimony and other evidence concerning the facts at issue.

(b) DE NOVO REVIEW. The State Executive Committee shall conduct a de novo review of all appeals under its jurisdiction.

(c) APPEALS OF DISTRICT ASSIGNMENT. (Refer to Sections 354-356).

(d) APPEALS OF DECISION OF WAIVER OFFICER. Decisions of the Waiver Officer may be appealed to the Waiver Review Board.  Such an appeal may also be heard by a Hearing Officer. (Refer to Section 466).

(e) APPEALS OF POSITIVE ANABOLIC STEROID TEST RESULTS. Upon notification of the specimen B positive finding, the student-athlete and his/her parent or the member school the student-athlete represents have the opportunity for an appeal as outlined in the UIL Anabolic Steroid Testing Program Protocol.