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Theatre Resources

Location and Hours

The Drama Loan Library is located at 1701 Manor Road in Austin Texas.  It is open Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 10am - noon and 1pm -4pm.  It is best to call before coming in case we are out on League business or in meetings. 512-471-9996. During other office hours (8am - 5pm), please call and make arrangements.

Directions: Take the Manor Rd exit from Interstate 35 and go east on Manor.  The UIL building is located on the corner of Leona and Manor.  Pull up to the driveway and ask the receptionists for instructions.


The Drama Loan Library contains over 38,000 plays and collections. Most of the one-act and three-act plays of approved publishing companies are available. Among them are plays suitable for any age group.

Who May Borrow

Any responsible adult connected with a school system in the State of Texas with membership in the University Interscholastic League may use the library. Any other school, organization or individual must pay an annual $30.00 fee for library usage.

How Long

Ten plays may be borrowed for a period of three weeks. Days are counted from the shipping postmark to the return postmark. Six days are assigned to shipping the library rate package, leaving 14 days for actual reading. The State Theatre Director should be notified upon receipt of plays when mail delays do not leave sufficient time to read. No fine is charged for packages postmarked on the due date. The dates SENT and DUE accompany each package of plays mailed. The fine is $.25 per day and $3.00 per reminder for overdue packages, required fee and fines. The first reminder will be sent to the teacher, second to the principal, and third to the superintendent of the school district. Lost materials must be replaced by ordering the script(s) from the publisher and sending them to the library. It is to your advantage to let this office know your materials are lost. Individuals/schools borrowing scripts are responsible for scripts lost in return mailing. Please package carefully!

How to Order

Use school letterhead or the Drama Loan Library Check Out Form. Plays should be ordered by title and listed alphabetically. Alternate choices should be listed. EACH ORDER MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A $7.00 POSTAGE AND HANDLING FEE. Do not send stamps or a purchase order, and do not send $7.00 per play. A check or money order in a first-class envelope is preferred.

Download the Drama Loan Library Check Out Form


An envelope and mailing sticker is enclosed in each package of plays. The label allows LIBRARY RATE on books If correspondence is enclosed, the package is subject to FIRST CLASS letter rates.


All plays are copyrighted and may be used only for examination/reading purposes. Production copies must be purchased from the publishing companies. To each school, only one order of ten plays will be sent and only one copy of any play will be sent. Plays on loan must be received in the library before new requests are mailed. Lost materials must be replaced and fines must be paid before additional plays will be sent. No Drama Loan Library collections or scripts are for sale.

Selecting Titles

The recommended method of choosing plays to read is to secure catalogues of publishers. After reading their descriptions, order those titles from the library which seem to fit your cast and situation. Most publishers listed on the reverse side will furnish free catalogues. Plays considered for production in the UIL One-Act Play Contest MUST BE from Approved Publishers. Plays listed in Approved Publishers Catalogues ARE NOT automatically approved. Plays produced in the UIL One-Act Play Contest MUST appear on either of the approved lists in the current Handbook for One-Act Play OR receive approval as per section 1033(c)(1)(A) in the current Constitution and Contest Rules.

Additional Services

The State Theatre Director and staff are available for consultation on questions regarding play selection, production, and theatre facilities.