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DEC Handbook - Designated School Administrator

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Designated School Administrator Designated School Administrator:


The school district superintendent and/or his designate is responsible for enacting and enforcing a crowd management policy for contests sponsored by his/her district.

Guidelines: (By no means is this list of guidelines inclusive.)

1. A crowd control policy for season athletic contests shall be endorsed by the school board and on file with the district executive chairman and in possession of those in the individual school directly responsible.

2. All interscholastic contests must be approved by the superintendent or his designee.

3. There must be a designated administrator at all home contests (who is not coaching at the contest).

4. Students, participants and staff members are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Failure to do so will be a violation and subject to penalty.

5. The member school superintendent is responsible for initiating disciplinary measures against those guilty of violations.

6. The host administration must insure the safety of the officials.


1. For varsity contests the school designee shall meet the officials:

a. Introduce himself/herself.

b. Indicate where he/she will be sitting.

The designated school administrator shall meet the officials at the designated times as listed below.

  • Baseball: 30 minutes prior to the game at the conference with coaches and umpires.
  • Basketball: 30 minutes prior to the game.
  • Football: At least 30 minutes prior to the game meet with referee on the field.
  • Soccer: Prior to the start of the game, on the field with center official and lines persons.
  • Softball: 30 minutes prior to the game at the conference with coaches and umpires.
  • Volleyball: Immediately after the officials enter the court.

The designated school administrator shall meet the officials immediately after the officials enter the court.

2. If officials are not contacted by the designee ten minutes prior to start of a game, the referee shall ask the home head coach if there is a designee and if so, who that person is.

3. If a designated administrator is not present, the officials shall notify the UIL in writing the next working day and report the incident.

4. The designee shall meet briefly with the officials after the game to discuss the game and any problems during the game dealing with ejection of players, coaches, or fans, etc. The designee shall also offer to provide an escort to walk with the officials to their respective vehicles.

5. The designee is responsible to inform the administration of both schools by phone the next school day of unsportsmanlike behavior of fans, players, coaches, and any unprofessional behavior on the part of officials.

6. The home school is responsible for security. In playoff games/matches, both schools are responsible.

7. Each school is responsible for the behavior of its fans, players, and employees.

8. In playoff games/matches both schools shall have a designated school administrator.