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Swimming & Diving Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for junior varsity competition?
Students may compete on the junior varsity if:
  1. they are full time students,
  2. they are academically eligible,
  3. they have not violated the Amateur Rule.
May swimmers be paid to coach youth club teams?
Yes. Students may accept local prevailing rates to coach, teach or officiate non-school teams.
Which time should be used when seeding the regional meet?
The performance time from the district meet should be used for all regional meets.
When does the swim season begin?
Swimming does not have an assigned starting date. School coaches may schedule practice and meets within guidelines set by the district.
  • Swimming does have a definite period when the season ends. Each swim season ends with the state meet or the last qualifying meet for district or regional representatives.
  • Since swimming does not have a beginning date, coaches may train and taper students to an appropriate length of season for their program. The length of season may vary between schools.
How many meets may an individual enter?
Each swimmer may enter a maximum of eight (8) school meets prior to the district meet.
How many varsity teams may a school enter in a meet?
Each school is allowed to enter one varsity team in the district meet. Most invitationals would also allow no more than one varsity team to enter a meet. The host school, when deviating from allowing one varsity swim team to enter, should inform visiting schools, that awards will be given in multiple varsity or sub varsity divisions.
May club programs rent school facilities?
Yes. Swim clubs may rent from a school district according to the district policy. When clubs rent school facilities, students and coaches are subject to the eight-hour rule. School coaches are discouraged from coaching non-school teams that might conflict with students in the attendance zone.
How many events may a swimmer enter in a swim meet?
A student may enter a maximum of four events. No more than two of these events may be individual events. This would allow a student to enter three relays and one individual event.