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Track & Field Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for junior varsity competition?
Students may compete on the junior varsity if they are full time students, are academically eligible and have not violated the Amateur Rule.
When does the track and field season begin?
Track and Field does not have an assigned starting date. School coaches may schedule practice and meets within guidelines set by the district.
How many meets can an individual or school enter?
A student representing a participant school shall only enter a maximum of eight (8) school meets prior to the district meet.
How many schools must be represented in order for a meet to count as one of the eight (8) for the season?
Any time a student represents his/her school in a meet with more than three schools, it shall count as one of his/her eight track meets allowed during the school year.
Does a canceled meet count towards the allowable eight meets for the season?
Yes, if one-half or more of the field events and one-half or more of the track events have been completed. A canceled meet, regardless of the situation, must be counted if there was a loss of school time.
How many contestants can be entered in each individual event at a district meet?
A maximum of three (3) contestants per event.
Can more than one relay team be entered per school at a district meet?
No. Only one relay team per school may be entered.
What is the maximum number of events a contestant can participate in at any given meet?
A contestant may participate in a maximum of five (5) events of which no more than three (3) can be running events. However, all five (5) events can be field events.
Can a school enter a contestant in an event that had not been entered five (5) days prior to the district meet?
The decision to allow the school to enter is left to the district executive committee minutes or authorized meet director.
Can someone who is not a full-time employee of the school district help coach my high school team?
No. Anyone who works with a school team in practice or competition must be a full time employee of the school district.
How many athletes qualify from the regional meet to the state meet?
The first and second place winners in each event per conference qualify to the state meet. The UIL staff will also select one additional qualifier for each event to compete in the state meet. This will make a total of nine participants per event.
In the event of ties for the ninth qualifiers, how will they be broken?
Qualifications are made in accordance with the National Federation Track and Filed Rules. If a tie still exists after application of these rules, qualifiers will be chosen by lot.
May schools participate in a regional qualifiers meet on a Thursday?
Yes, provided there is no loss of school time for travel or participation other than the athletic period at the end of the day or if Thursday is the last instructional day of the week.
What events may regional and/or state qualifiers participate in at a qualifiers meet?
All regional and/or state qualifiers, including alternates in individual events and relays, shall be eligible to participate in any event at the applicable regional and/or state qualifiers meet (s).