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Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions

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How many matches are teams allowed to play during the calendar week throughout the season?
3 matches during the first two weeks of the season, 2 matches per calendar week (1 per school week) after school begins.
When can my team scrimmage?
Scrimmages can begin on August 4th. Scrimmages are unlimited, but a school shall not play in a scrimmage after its first interschool match.
Are players allowed to play in two matches on the same night?
A student may play a double header each night, meaning they play in a varsity and a JV match, a JV match and a ninth-grade match, or a ninth-grade and a varsity match on the same night at the same site. This counts as the two total allowable matches per calendar week and counts as two of the total matches for the season.
A student may play in a dual match (same level of competition) which consists of a team playing two other teams or plays the same team twice at the same site, on the same night. A dual-match counts as one contest for the school week, one of the two matches UIL permits students per calendar week and counts as two of the allowable matches per season. 
How many matches are allowed per day in a tournament? 
Student-athletes are allowed 3 matches in a three-day tournament and 4 matches in a two-day or one-day tournament.
If I play in three tournaments during the season, how many total matches am I allowed?
23 matches are allowed when playing in three tournaments.
Who has to wear a solid-colored jersey? 
According to NFHS Volleyball Rule 4-2-2, the libero and/or his/her teammates shall wear a solid-colored uniform top, clearly contrasting from the predominant color of the teammates uniform top. (NOTE: If the libero is wearing a solid-colored uniform top (that meets all requiremtns of rule 4-2, Article 2, all other teammates only have to meet the requirements of Article 1 of NFHS Rule 4-2 LEGAL UNIFORM.)
If I compete in pool play mini-games during a tournament, how does that count towards my season limitation? 
All mini-games played in a day in pool play (2 games to 15, cap of 20) would be counted together as one of the three allowable matches for the day. 
Is it ok for more than 4 schools to be invited to a scrimmage?
Yes, provided each school only scrimmages three different teams.