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Water Polo Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if a player is ejected from a game by the game official?
An automatic penalty will be assessed to players who are ejected from a team sport contest. Players will be suspended the rest of the game they are ejected from and at least part of the next contest, depending on the sport they are participating in. Per NFHS Water Polo Contest Rules (3-6-5) and UIL ejection policy, players receiving one the following penalties during a water polo match will sit out the remainder of the contest plus suspended from the next contest:

Red Card – May be issued to individual players on the bench for disruptive behavior.  The person receiving the red card is automatically suspended for the next game.  (Rule 3-6-5)
Flagrant Misconduct Penalty – Act of flagrant misconduct.  Automatically suspended for the next game.  (Rule 7-12)
May school district personnel coach non-school teams?
A 7-12 grade coach may not coach a non-school team or camp on which 7-12 grade players from his attendance zone are involved. For further information on non-school activities, see the non-school participation manual and section 1209 of the Constitution and Contest Rules
May teams that have advanced to the playoffs, schedule a warm-up game after District Certification?
Teams that have advanced to the playoffs may schedule a warm-up game after the District Certification date that is set by the UIL calendar and before their first playoff game if a team has not reached their allowable season limit.
May athletes attend non-school camps or participate on non-school teams during the school season?
UIL rule does not prohibit students from attending camps or playing on non-school teams during the school year. However, local district policy may be more restrictive than UIL rules.
Are players allowed to play in two matches on the same night?
A student may play a double header each night, meaning they play in a varsity and a JV match, a JV match, and a ninth-grade match, or a ninth grade and a varsity match on the same night at the same site. This counts as the two total allowable matches per calendar week and counts as two of the total matches for the season.
If a game is cancelled/postponed due to weather or other natural disaster (not including illness), how can that game be rescheduled? 
District varsity water polo games postponed by weather or public disaster (not including illness) shall be rescheduled on the next date, other than Sunday, on which another district game is not scheduled. In the event weather or public disaster forces the makeup game to be rescheduled it shall be rescheduled on the next date as described earlier. These makeup games may be played as exceptions to the school week and calendar week limitations provided, they are made up on the next available date. 
May students participate in non-school activities?
UIL rule does not prohibit students from attending camps or playing on non-school teams during the school year. However, local district practices/policies may be more restrictive. 
How many games may a water polo team play in a week?
There is no restriction on the number of games a water polo team may play in a calendar week. However, the Texas Education Agency mandates that teams may play on only one school night, Monday through Thursday. For example, a team could play a doubleheader on Tuesday, a doubleheader after school on Friday and a doubleheader on Saturday. All games would count toward the total games allowed.