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Extracurricular Absences

In accordance with the provisions of the Texas Education Code, §33.0811, the number of times that a school district may allow a student to miss a class for extracurricular participation during a school year shall be determined by the school district board of trustees. Each school district must maintain an accurate record of extracurricular absences for each student in the school district each year.

The UIL Legislative Council has adopted the following resolution regarding extracurricular absences for UIL activities only:

The Legislative Council of the University Interscholastic League has taken the position that the previous state law mandating a maximum of ten absences through district competition, a maximum of five absences for post-district competition, and a petition to the UIL requesting a maximum of two additional absences for UIL state competition only, is educationally sound.

The Legislative Council strongly encourages school districts to adhere to a 10/5/2 day absence policy for participation in UIL activities.