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Definition of Extracurricular Activity

19 TAC §76.1001, Subchapter AA

(a) An extracurricular activity is an activity sponsored by the University Interscholastic League (UIL), the school district board of trustees, or an organization sanctioned by resolution of the board of trustees. The activity is not necessarily directly related to instruction of the essential knowledge and skills but may have an indirect relation to some areas of the curriculum. Extracurricular activities include, but  are not limited to, public performances, contests, demonstrations, displays, and club activities, with the exception of public performances specified in paragraph (2) of this subsection.

1) In addition, an activity shall be subject to the provisions for an extracurricular activity if any one of the following criteria apply:

(A) the activity is competitive;

(B) the activity is held in conjunction with another activity that is considered to be extracurricular;

(C) the activity is held off campus, except in a case in which adequate facilities do not exist on campus;

(D) the general public is invited; or

(E) an admission is charged.

2) A student ineligible to participate in an extracurricular activity, but who is enrolled in a state- approved course that requires demonstration of the mastery of the essential knowledge and skills in a public performance, may participate in the performance subject to the following requirements and limitations.

(A) Only the criterion listed in paragraph (1)(D) of this subsection applies to the performance.

(B) The requirement for student participation in public is stated in the essential knowledge and skills of the course.

(3) A student ineligible to participate in an extracurricular activity, but who is enrolled in a state-approved music course that participates in UIL Concert and Sightreading Evaluation, may perform with the ensemble during the UIL evaluation performance. 

The Commissioner of Education is not authorized to approve extracurricular organizations outside of school sponsored or UIL sponsored groups. Local boards of trustees are responsible for the sanctioning and approval of outside organizations as “extracurricular organizations” for their individual districts.