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Other Non-UIL Activities

The following are frequently asked questions and answers related to organizations outside the authority of UIL, including school sponsored and non-school sponsored groups, such as FFA and 4-H. Also see Definition of Extracurricular Activity and Extracurricular Absences.

Absences for Participation in Non-School Sponsored Activities
(1) If a student is absent from school to participate with an organization that is not sponsored or recognized by the local board of trustees, how are the absences counted? Extracurricular absences are defined in 19 TAC §76.1001 (a) (1) and (2). The first sentence of 19 TAC §76.1001 (a) states that an extracurricular activity is an activity sponsored by the University Interscholastic League (UIL), the school district board of trustees, or an organization sanctioned by resolution of the board of trustees. Therefore, any absence incurred by a student while participating with an organization that has not received sanction from the district shall be subject to student attendance provisions as stated in the Texas Education Code Chapter 25. Consequently, if a student misses class to participate with an organization that is not sanctioned by the district, the absence is not considered as one of the extracurricular absences and is therefore counted against the minimum attendance requirements for credit.
Participation While Failing a Course
(2) If a student passed the previous grading period, but is failing a course at the time of a livestock show or other non-UIL activity, is the student prohibited from participation? No. The student is academically eligible until the end of the grading period unless the district has imposed stricter criteria for eligibility.
Suspension Periods for Non-UIL or Non-School Sponsored Activities
(3) Are suspension periods different for students involved in non-UIL activities or in organizations that are not school sponsored, but recognized by the school board of trustees? No. Suspension periods are the same for all students involved in extracurricular activities as defined in 19 TAC §76.1001 (a).
High School Graduates’ Participation (Mid-Year Graduates)
(4) Are early or mid-year graduates who have not been awarded a high school diploma eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, such as livestock shows? Full-time enrollment is required for participation in UIL sponsored activities, however, the matter of participation in non-UIL activities by early and mid-year graduates who have not had the diploma conferred is to be determined by the school district and/or the sponsoring organization, such as the livestock show board. Some school districts apply the same enrollment standard for UIL participation to all extracurricular activities.
Showing Livestock of Ineligible Students
(5) May someone else show the animal of a student ineligible to participate? There are no TEA guidelines that prohibit the animal from being shown by another person. This issue is to be addressed by school policy or by the rules of the sponsor of the show.
Preparation of Animals by Ineligible Students
(6) At what point in time is an ineligible student prohibited from working with the show animal for competition? After the animal has been delivered to the show barn or competition area, the ineligible student may no longer tend, groom, or in any other way prepare the animal for competition. A student may assist in transporting the animal to the competition site provided no school time is missed.
Sale or Auction Considered Extracurricular Activity
(7) May a student who is ineligible to compete in a livestock show participate in the sale or auction portion of the show? No. The sale would be considered an extracurricular activity in that it is held in conjunction with another activity that is considered to be extracurricular. (19 TAC §76.1001 (a)(1)(B) ) Whether or not the animal may be sold by another individual is the decision of the school officials or determined by rules of the sponsors of the show.
Absences for Post-district Competition
(8) Under what conditions may a student use a portion of the allowable “post-district” absences in FFA and other non-UIL activities? When the student has advanced to area, regional, or state level of participation as a result of competition, the student may make use of the post-district days. Area, regional, state, and national level leadership seminars or training sessions are not considered post-district unless the student has advanced to those levels due to competition. If participation at the area, regional, state, and national levels are not a result of competition, the absences are to be treated as part of the allowable absences. At a livestock show, students who advance to the sale or auction as a result of competition may count the time from the end of the competition to the conclusion of the sale, including travel home, if necessary, as part of the days allowed as post-district absences.

(9) If an organization sponsors post-district competition that culminates at a ceremony at which the student receives a state or national award, prize, or office, may the school time missed be counted as part of the post-district allowable absences? Yes. If the purpose for attending is directly related to post-district competition, the time missed from school may count as part of the post-district absences. However, this does not mean that all students who attend a state convention qualify for post-district absences; the provision applies only to those who attend as a result of post-district competition.

(10) Are any livestock shows, in state or out-of-state, considered “post-district”? The 76th Texas Legislature TEC enacted TEC §33.0811, which allowed local trustees to establish policies that determined the number of times that students could miss a class for extracurricular participation. As was noted in the chapter about extracurricular absences, the UIL Legislative Council has adopted the following resolution regarding extracurricular absences for UIL activities only:

The Legislative Council of the University Interscholastic League has taken the position that the previous state law mandating a maximum of ten absences through district competition, a maximum of five absences for post-district competition, and a petition to the UIL requesting a maximum of two additional absences for UIL state competition only, is educationally sound.

The Legislative Council strongly encourages school districts to adhere to a 10/5/2 day absence policy for participation in UIL activities.

If a participant in a livestock show must qualify to actually show an animal for further competition by first participating in the “sift” at another site (such as Brenham or Rosenberg in the Houston Livestock Show), that participant may count the days spent beyond the “sift” process as part of the allowable absences under post-district competition under the previous, recommended extracurricular absence rules. The days spent during the “sift” competition must be counted as part of the regular extracurricular allowable absences.

Participation at what are commonly called “major” shows and/or out-of-state shows does not qualify as post-district competition unless the conditions stated above exist.
Calf Scrambles
(11) May an ineligible student participate in the “calf scramble”? It is the responsibility of the local district to address the violation and impose an appropriate penalty. No. The criterion of 19 TAC §76.1001 (a) (A) (that the activity is competitive) applies and the student must be eligible at the time of the activity.
Penalty for Participation by Ineligible Students
(12) What is the penalty if an ineligible student participates in an activity with an organization that is sanctioned by the district without permission or knowledge of the school? It is the responsibility of the local district to address the violation and impose an appropriate penalty.